Who Am I?

My name is Samantha. I love to write poetry, short stories, and notes to myself. You don’t have to read along but if you choose to, welcome! Most of what I write won’t be cheery but it will be honest with how I’m feeling. I just hope you don’t find it unsavory. I will warn you that I have PTSD, major depressive disorder, and anxiety. I am working through these issues with a counsellor but it will take a really long time for me to jump over some of the hurdles that I am facing right now. I love doing theatre! Most of the time I will be happy because of the opportunities that I have to pursue what I enjoy doing but I also have really down moments with theatre and the feelings that sometimes come from it. I’m sorry if I have a dreary day where everything is stressful for you to read but I promise that even through my darkest days, I strive to find the light.

Hugs & Kisses,



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