Mellow May

It’s going to be a pretty rough week. I think I’m going to make it a priority to take care of myself. I’ve been pretty homesick and I’m hoping to combat that with possibly getting closer and making more friends in this area. I’ve unknowingly been closing myself off to the possibility of creating friends in this area. So that should be changing and hopefully with a playlist of more relaxing music, I can create a more friendly attitude.

mellow may- may 2017

April is Dance Month!

What a crazy month I have ahead of me! April is Dance Month at Gonzaga University. This weekend is the Student Choreography Concert and I am part of it! Despite the face that I am not yet a student there! I can’t wait for people to see that there is just “Another Day of Sun”. The end of the month brings the Spring Dance Concert! I hope I will get to participate in that show as well but first I have to get through Student Choreo! Wish me luck!

Also, just want to give a shoutout to the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Team. You had such an amazing season and I can’t wait for next year! That was an amazing game to watch! Next year we’ll witness history again!

SCC Music 2017 – This is the music of the Student Choreo Concert!

(Update- April 10) I’m also a little smitten this month.

april- #getsamagirlfriend2k17