Perspectives- Consent

I am writing an essay about the Dakota Access Pipeline and I came across a strange phrase. “Informed Consent”. My thoughts immediately went to consent in general and our government’s perspective of consent. In the legal sense, we avoid the topic of consent like the plague until it directly benefits the person who is inevitably going to win. In cases of Tribal Law, they avoid the topic because the government doesn’t care about the rights they are infringing on. In sexual assault cases, they view consent in a form that focuses on the consent of the offender. The victim’s consent doesn’t matter. Why does this occur? It’s a perplexing fact that should be fixed within our system.

I believe that consent is consent. We learn in kindergarten that yes means yes and no means no. Why does our government not follow this basic principle? It’s causing an uncomfortable problem. There is a great video about consent that everyone should see. It talks about sexual consent but I feel like it could be applied in multiple ways.


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