Daily(ish) Dose of Poetry #9

Childlike Dreams- Jan 28,2017

Can you hear that?

She’s calling to you.

Her voice is saccharine sweet.

Her laughter is bringing you out of the darkness.

You stumble around as you reach for the sun when you see her face.

She smiles at you.

Let’s go play!

But the darkness creeps closer.

Essays. Work. Phone Calls.

Adult life consumes you.

You push away the child like laughter.

You’re too busy.

You don’t have time.

Slowly she leaves you.

She’s giving up hope that you’ll play.

But as the pressure builds on you,

She tries one more time,

Let’s go play?

Her voice has turned melancholic.

You turn towards her with anger.

The disruption of your work, annoying.

She holds her hand out to you.

You pause.

Would it truly be terrible to play?

The phone rings again snapping you out of that wonder.

She starts to walk away.

Wait! Let me come with you!

You drop your phone and take off your tie.

It’s time to play.

It’s time to escape.

You let your inner child take flight.

You turn into the sunlight.




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