Dailyish Dose of Poetry #8(?)

**This post is not suitable for everyone. Please use discretion as the following post might contain your personal triggers.**

Feelings of Flight- Feb 11, 2017

I’m waging a war that not many can see

And the pain that’s inside is obliterating me.

They say its a phase, that it’s all in my head.

They are the reason I feel that I’m better off dead.

I know that they love me,

I know that they care,

But what is left of me but just one blank stare

The feelings are slipping away from myself

And all I can feel is that moment of stealth

As my mind starts to wander

My mind starts to roam

Until that one graceful moment where I know I’m not home.

My body is there and it’s working so hard.

It’s making the bed, washing the car.

But it isn’t me that’s within that shell.

I’ve broken out so I can look for the bell.

The bell that is ringing so loud in my head.

The feeling I know that it means I should dread.

Dread that my life is slipping right through.

Through my fingers and through time

And through and through and through.

I know that time is passing but I don’t know how long

Is it a day, an hour, or just one long song?

And now that I am getting tired,

It’s best to descend.

Descend back to earth where my body remains.

My body and mind connect again

And in that moment, I know that once again.

I’ve disassociated a lot and my life is a mess.

But only because of the imminent stress.

Paying bills, going to work, and dreaming of school.

Knowing that two are all I’m able to do.

That feeling of missing out on an education is sad

But reality knows that at least you can be glad.

Glad that you’re living at all.

Even though life just makes you feel really small.


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