My Birthday Weekend: A Summary

January 19th:

This was a good day. I went to a lesson for swing! I enjoyed learning the basics to the Lindy Hop and I loved the class structure! It made me want to go back again! (I will be going back.)

January 20th:

Spent the day working then went to my performance. I left just as the show was ending. I bolted as quick as I could so I could go to Third Friday Swing! It was definitely an amazing event! I loved the birthday circle and of course loved the Shim Sham. My sister and two of my best friends up here came and helped me celebrate. After swing, I went to Momison’s house and we had Mike’s and rum and coke. I’m starting to think rum and coke is my signature drink. We stayed up late and watched a few episodes of Teen Wolf before we all fell asleep.

January 21st: (My actual birthday)

Woke up with a minor headache. It was worth it though! We all spent the morning being hermits with the internet. Aubs went home and Momison and I went to my apartment for waffles and more Teen Wolf time. It was fun and frightening! Then my niece asked if she could make me a cake and if I would come over for dinner. Momison drove me and we enjoyed the cake that she made for me. My brother-in-law and I did birthday shots of Fireball then I headed to my show! The show went well then Momison picked me up and we went to Art’s house! I got to try a few things for the first time and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. Being able to try something new is a great gift that we often take for granted. We then took a stroll through the campus of the local university. We ended up in the chapel and we all took a moment to just be quiet. Momison went home and I went back to Art’s house. We both passed out. I still have his sweatshirt.

January 22nd:

Work was fun? I was still a little hungover to be honest. After work I went and did a show. I came home after and took a nap. I also worked out and ate food. Then I gave up and went to bed.

January 23rd:

I woke up late and got dressed for lunch with my sister in law. It was fun! We went to Red Robin and ate all of the fries. I got an email about a package waiting for me in the office of my building and I went to retrieve it. It was for Momison so I walked it over to her. I ended up spending the afternoon with her. I loved pretending to be a student at university working in the costume shop. I even got to help with a few things. Momison also gave me her copy of the Costume Designers guide to sewing so I could learn how to sew. I’m excited to learn about it.  I then got to sit in on auditions for the show I’m stage managing. It was interesting. I am already having issues with accents. Now it’s just time to reflect and journal!


Hope you all had lovely weekends! Let me know how yours was!

Hugs & Kisses



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