Dailyish Dose of Poetry #7

**Hey guys! This one will be a little different. It’s a little happier. This is about a kickback that I went to last night. I felt welcomed instead of locked out. It’s amazing to feel like you belong in a situation. We discussed politics and LGBTQ+ rights. We discussed oppression and yet we all still connected. At the end of the night (maybe like 1:30am) I ended up cuddling with a new friend. It wasn’t sexual but it felt supportive.**

Acceptance- (Jan 18, 2017)

The door opens to a new world.

They smile and laugh.

But not at you, with you.

It’s something you’ve never been around before.

The conversations are deep and the people surrounding you listen.

She reaches over and holds your hand as you discuss the difficult things.

No one laughs and says you’re lying.

You feel accepted.

You feel wanted.

You feel heard.

When the night is over you know that it isn’t forever.

Words you don’t hear often come from his mouth.

Next time she comes you are more than welcome to join.

The words that were shared didn’t frighten them away.

You are accepted.

The feeling lasts all day.

The door opened to a whole new world.

A world of being part of the kickback crowd.


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