Dailyish Dose of Poetry #6

**This post is not suitable for everyone. Please use discretion as the following post might contain your personal triggers.**

Infectious- (December 2016)

You’re worthless.

You’re a fuckup.

You can’t do that because you’re stupid.

Nobody likes you.

He will never date you.

She will never love you.

You should kill yourself.

No one will miss you.

She won’t care.

He won’t care.

They’re lying to you.

They are always lying to you.

They don’t care that you’re hurting.

They don’t care that you’re dying.

You try and cancel all of your appointments.

You don’t need them.

You’ll be dead soon anyways.

But when you say that to your friends they stop you.

You need to go.

We want you to be healthy.

They care about your health.

They love you.

But sometimes it’s not enough.

But at the same time you start to imagine.

You see their faces when they find out.

You see the disbelief in their eyes.

The hurt in their hearts.

You see them cry.

But then you see them happy.

You see the burden lifted from their shoulders.

Depression is infectious and they almost caught it too.

Until you did the right thing to do.


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