Daily(ish) Dose of Poetry #4

**Please Note that this poem might not be suitable for everyone. It contains the following sensitive subjects: death, depression, and soldiers. **

Matt- (November 22,2016)

Mom was singing in the kitchen

Baking pies.

Fall was in the air as thanksgiving drew near.

There was a hush over the house as no one was rushed but unknowingly there was a flurry outside.

Footsteps were muffled by the snow  

We were laughing and singing when out of the blue a few short knocks shocked us out of our glee.

The pies went forgotten as mom walked to the door then turned to me with fear in her eyes.

Go to your room was her curt response as she followed me there with her eyes.

As I walked in my room she opened the door and welcomed the unwelcome guests.

A sheriff and a soldier looked over her shoulder and looked at me with sorrow.

I closed my door then stayed very close as my mom woke up my dad.

Hurry up she said with a sense of dread and my heart dropped to the floor.

The Mumbles outside turned to cries as the world was pulled from under me.

The words I heard I hoped were wrong and I was crying as well.

My mom must have heard as she burst through my door and held me as she uttered the words.

My best friend was dead and everyone said that he was still there inside my heart.

But my heart was crushed and I felt quite rushed as people told me to be okay.

Within three weeks my soul decreased to a mess of emotions and dread as I continued to live a life drifting by with a hole in my heart all day.

People said it would get easier but as time goes on I grow queasier at the thoughts of him being gone.

I guess that’s why I feel so depressed as the dreadful day grows near.

November 22nd forever distracting me as the greyist day of my life.

Maybe one day the pain will go away but maybe the day won’t come.

Forever in my heart I’ll fall apart as my brother lives in my mind.


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